National Gallery of Victoria

Door jamb from the tomb of Mehy
Wall fragment from a tomb
Model  of a female servant
Head of Queen Nefertiti
Canoptic jar of Qebehsenuef
Wall relief fragment or fragment of a false door
Stela attesting the statue cult of Ramesses VII
Relief fragment from the tomb of Hotepa
Mortuary stela from the tomb of Thouta Resa
Libation slab of Djedhor
Isis sucking Horus
Head of a king
Base from the outer anthropoid coffin of Iret-[en]-Hor-eru
Fragment of a false door from the tomb of Ankh-em-Thenenet
Coptic Wreath
Votive  stela of Amenemope
Votive statuette of an Apis bull
Sculptors model for the head of a king
Mummy portrait
Mortuary stela of Nebuhotep
Mortuary stela from the tomb of lti
Model  of a boat with crew
Lid from the inner anthropoid coffin of Iret~[en]~Hor~eru
Head covering of Padihorpasheraset
Figure group of Pataikos
Canopic jar with lid representing Duamutef
Canopic chest
Bust of a woman